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In the Word Status Bar, you can always see the total document pages. Page, Paragraph, Line and Character count, all within the Word Count Dialog Box.

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Select Include text boxes, footnotes and endnotes at the bottom of the dialog box.

Getting to know Word 2013. Click Word Count to open the Word Count dialog box.

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On the Review tab of your Ribbon, in the Proofing group, Click Word Count to display the Word Count dialog box.

Hidden Gems in Office XP. You can turn on the toolbar either by choosing the Show Toolbar button in the Word Count dialog box or by choosing View.In this short tutorial we will see how to find the word count of a message.

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Description. Test. Total Cards. 95. The default view in word is: Definition. The word count dialog box displays the.Dialog ox Launchers If you see a dialog box launch-er icon. get a word count,.

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Sometimes you need to see a word count statistics without obtaining readability or.

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Word Excel Manual - Free download as Word Doc (.doc. While in the Table AutoFormat dialog box, click a format to see that format. a count of the number.

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